Are you going on holiday soon? These travel tips for feet will help you prepare for your holiday and not let foot pain and injury ruin your holiday.

Holidays! Everyone loves a holiday, there are so many places to explore around the globe. Be it exploring the borough’s of New York. Maybe a European holiday exploring the history and culture of France, climbing the Eiffel Tower? Or is it an adventure holiday trekking in the Andes Mountains in Peru to find the lost city of Machu Picchu?

Feet walking travel

There is loads of different travel options, but almost all of those have something in common! Lots of walking! An increase in activity level when our body or especially our feet aren’t prepared for it isn’t the best way to enjoy a well earned holiday. The amount of patients I have seen that have started with, “I was on this great holiday…..”.

Most of us in the sedentary lives we live don’t walk loads of km’s day to day to explore that chosen holiday destination.  If you want more info on some recent research on sedentary lifestyles and their health risks look here. There are some simple tips I want to take you through

  1. Get your footwear right!
  2. Start getting your body ready.
  3. Some handy tips for holidays.

Travel Tips for Feet: Get your travel footwear right!


So we are going on holidays, but we don’t have the luxury of having bag space to carry all of our shoes and have them at our finger tips. I know Imelda Marcos would be in distress!!

There are a few questions you need to be asking yourself. First of all, where am I heading is there any special terrain that I need to be thinking about? Are you going on that shopping trip to Singapore? Are you going to be hiking in the French Alps? Both of these are going to require different choices.


The next question is, are the shoes that I currently have going to last the distance for the activities that I want? I recently was going on an arduous week long hike in Tasmania, well away from civilisation, so much we got dropped in by a light airplane! My hiking boots were getting to the end of their life. I could have just imagined the irony of my hiking partners teasing the only Podiatrist on the trip about his shoes having a malfunction in the middle of south-west Tasmania with no shops in sight.

If either of those questions eave you with doubts in your head you will most likely need new shoes. Yes a small investment before the outlay of money to go on holidays. However I like to think of it of an investment that I will get to enjoy my holiday! When getting new shoes, be fitted by the someone who knows their stuff. Here in Canberra there is obviously The Athlete’s Foot and Frawley’s, and also for your more adventurous trip’s there are Paddy Pallin and Mont.

Hiking Boots

Travel Tips for Feet: Start to get your body ready!

If we are going to be raising our activity levels and we want to enjoy our holiday and try and have it as injury and drama free as possible you need to prepare! Obviously everyone’s fitness levels will be different and needs will be accordingly different.

We suggest that an increase in activity is completed gradually. If we have been inactive for a long time, there may be certain setbacks like injuries or life that gets in the way. As we know everyone’s activity levels and training adaptation will be different. Now how long do we need to prepare before the trip??

Research on Training

Let’s look at a study published in the journal of Strength and Conditioning which you can read here. The study took 25 sedentary men (between the ages of 25-40) and split them up into three groups and of cardiovascular strength and control. This study was conducted over six weeks, the results at the end of the six weeks showed little to no change in the three groups of men. While the men only trained for 34 mins 3 times per week we know this isn’t even what Diabetes Australia suggests. If we head to their guidelines found here, they  suggest 30 mins a day every day of the week!

No that doesn’t give us firm answers as to how long before our trip. Importantly, it would be wise to start about 3 months before hand. This give’s you time to start gradually and increase our training. If injury, sickness and life not get in in the way we have some left over time before your well earned holiday!

Travel Tips for Feet: Some more handy tips!

So you have finally made it to your holiday. The plane or car trip is over and we have been walking around enjoying the sites of our chosen cities!

  1. Toenails – Have these are cut before your trip!! I have seen some nasty ingrown toenails from hike’s or even just a recreational European holiday.
  2. Socks – You’ll be spending a large amount of time on your feet with over 2500 sweat glands in our feet that can mean a lot of sweat! Make sure you use a natural fiber sock like a bamboo or woolen sock. You’ll find the are extra comfortable as well!
  3. Massage – Take a massage or trigger point ball, something small that can fit into your luggage. You’ll be able to use it be massaging your feet. These can be used by pushing your feet down hard and running it under the arch of your foot. You may find it could come in handy using the same application technique in other area’s of niggles in the body.
  4. Raise you feet above your heart! If you have been making the most of your holidays, sometimes our feet and lower limbs can swell. Put your feet above your heart on a couch. Even lying on your back and putting you feet up on a wall can help with circulation.



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