Toenail & Skin conditions treated by podiatrists




General foot care or general podiatry is the routine treatment and management of your toenails and other skin conditions.

At Your Podiatry Canberra we are more than happy to provide you with these services which may include:

  • Cutting and thinning down thickened, hard toenails
  • Treating ingrown toenails
  • Management of fungal toenails
  • Removal of corns and calluses
  • Treatment of cracked heels
  • Issuing of toe devices to prevent corns between or around the toes
  • Treatment and prevention of blisters
  • Treatment for ongoing tinea or smelly feet
  • Wart treatment
  • Wound management

General footcare may sound simple but it can resolve pain and improve the appearance of your feet.

Difficult to cut toenails, poor eyesight and an ability to reach the feet with ease and without pain are major obstacles for people to safely attend to their toenails and skin conditions.

Your Podiatry Canberra understands these difficulties and that podiatry management is important to avoid serious complications especially in the elderly and those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes.

You can also read more here, Diabetes: get your feet checked.


During the consultation your podiatrist will recommend an ideal time frame for you to return for general treatment.

This varies dramatically between clients and conditions. For example, a client that experiences cracked heels in summer may only need to be seen during the warmer months.

Whereas an 80 year old that has difficultly attending to her toenails may need to be seen every 6 weeks.


It is important to maintain the recommended review period to avoid unnecessary discomfort and complications.


All instruments used during treatment have been sterilised in a pouch that is placed into an autoclave/steriliser. Once the steriliser cycle finishes, the pouch continues to protect the enclosed instruments from airborne microorganisms.

The pouch is opened when general foot care treatment starts. Before attending a salon, please check with them if they sterilise their tools in a steriliser.


If they just disinfect with alcohol, this is not sufficient. Bacteria and fungi can continue to grow after being exposed to just alcohol.

A steriliser exposes microorganisms to high temperature and pressure, ensuring that close to 100% of all bacteria and fungi are dead and cannot grow again.