Injection therapy is different to dry needling in that there is a substance injected into you, the term “wet needling” can be used. Prolotherapy is one subcategory of injection therapy.
Prolotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities and encourages tissue regrowth in weakened structures. Prolotherapy involves the injection of an ‘irritant’ into a musculoskeletal injury.

A commonly used irritant is dextrose or glucose mixed with local anesthetic. The purpose of the irritant is to create inflammation within the injected structure. This is relevant in chronic injuries that need a second chance to heal.

By inducing inflammation, the healing cascade can be initiated again.

This therapy is particularly useful to ligament, tendon and joint injuries. When an injury fails to respond to conventional rehabilitation techniques, prolotherapy is a safe alternative. Relative to other injection therapies, prolotherapy is an affordable choice. 4-6 treatments are spaced 2-6 weeks apart to achieve results.