This article was recently published at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy. Here’s a snippet:

Do you find it hard knowing which are the best running shoes for you? Incorrect running shoes are a very common contributor to many injuries that we see at Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy and Your Podiatry Canberra. Be they too old and worn out or just the wrong type of shoe for your foot, too many of us are wearing the wrong footwear! Many shoe stores have not enough knowledge or training to properly identify your foot type and the correct running shoes for you. Even specialty stores can have inexperienced staff and, although they talk the talk, you can leave the store with the wrong pair of running shoes. This is why I want you to know what to look for.

Why Is This Important?

The wrong pair of running shoes can lead to not only ankle and foot pain but also knee, hip, and lower back pain. If you need some advice on how to avoid running injuries, read this article. If you’re serious about your health, exercise or fitness, then make sure you’re in the right shoes. Don’t let ads, magazines, or what your friends are wearing make your shoe choice for you! That’s fine for those cute high heels you want so badly or those tan leather boat shoes you saw some bloke wearing. For causal shoes, sure, do what you want, but for runners or shoes you will exercise in, don’t be stupid. Those ‘70% Off’ Nikes you bought at DFO might not have been the bargain of the century when you start getting a sore knee because your feet need more pronation control.

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