Canberra 100On Saturday 5th March, many brave souls walked and ran in 35 plus temperatures along the Canberra’s Centenary Trail. The event was the CBR100 where soloists and groups could walk or run 25kms/50kms/100kms. Our podiatrist, Cecilia Brennan, was on hand at check point #3 to help out with any lower limb injuries.


Although many participants in the 100km distance pulled out, their achievement of reaching 25kms, 50kms or 75kms in the hot climate is a testament of their strong physical and mental strength.

canberra 100 footcheckOne participant turned up to checkpoint 3 with mud covering his legs and arms. When asked if he fell over, he explained he had actually jumped into a dam to cool off. What a smart idea! For everyone else, the first aid attendant had cool wipes and ice to cool their overheated bodies down.

canberra 100 checkpointCecilia’s role was to look after blisters, foot pain, muscle aches and pains. In the limited time people spent at the checkpoint, Cecilia had to work fast to massage cramping and tight leg muscles as well as attend to some nasty blisters. Blisters were bandaged and felt was placed around them to offload weightbearing pressure. Shoe lacing patterns were changed to take pressure off certain areas and taping was applied to improve foot and knee function.

Overall, the injuries weren’t what you see in an average day in the clinic, so Cecilia found the afternoon and night very interesting. Again, congratulations to all the participants and thank you to all the volunteers who helped.