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Heel Toe Drop: The New ‘Barefoot’ Running Craze?

Is heel toe drop the latest craze in running? In the mid 2000’s, we went though the barefoot or ‘minimalist’ running craze. This fad was encouraging people to run on their forefoot more. This was thanks mainly to the book ‘Born to Run’. Promising less injuries while running only if we connected back to nature…

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Foot Problems and How a Podiatrist Can Help (Part 2)

A podiatrist looks after foot problems and I  have covered some of these general foot care problem in part one of what a Podiatrist can do. In the last article, I covered; Diabetic Foot Care Callus issues Corns Ingrown Toenails Thickened Nails Plantar Warts Now that we have dissected one half of a Podiatrist’s scope…

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Podiatrist caring for feet

What is a Podiatrist and How Can They Help You?

What is a Podiatrist? The word podiatrist is derived from an ancient Greek words of “Pod” meaning feet, and “iatrist” meaning healer. Podiatrists have been around in one way shape or form for a long time. Previously they were known as Chiropodists. Today podiatrists are Doctors of Podiatric Medicine and have The Australian Podiatry Association…

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